Trail Etiquette

Whether you’er walking along the downtown core to the elevated park, along the Whistle Stop Trail or around Lake Margaret. Paths are a convenient way to get around the city and a fun way to exercise while seeing the sights of St. Thomas.

Increased traffic along the paths means less cars on the streets and more people being active, that’s a good thing!

These trails are available for many types of uses including bicyclists, joggers, walkers, wheelchairs, skateboarders and inline skaters. There is room for everyone.

Here are some manners and safety measures to keep in mind so that everyone can enjoy their time on the trails:

BE COURTEOUS. Respect other users on the trail.

If you are on a bike, skateboard, roller blades and see pedestrians ahead of you, SLOW DOWN, give an AUDIBLE WARNING by using your bike bell or your voice to alert the pedestrians that you are about to pass.

If you are a pedestrian. Don’t block the flow of the trail. Do not walk down the middle of the trail. When walking in a group or with pets KEEP TO THE RIGHT SIDE so as to not block the flow of other users.

PASS ON THE LEFT. Keep in mind children and pets can be unpredictable so SLOW DOWN to avoid collision.

DO NOT STOP on the trail. If you need to stop, pull over to the side in order to not block other users.

RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY. Trails are open to the public, but often the land on the side of the trail is private property. Please respect all property rights.

Clean up after your pets and don’t litter.

By following these simple guidelines our multi-use trails will be safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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