Statement From Chief Chris Herridge

Statement from Chief Chris Herridge regarding Constable Garry Christiansen:
This has been a difficult time for the victim, the community and our Police Service.  It is always very disappointing when an officer is charged with a criminal offence, it is disheartening for our members and we understand it is for the community as well.  
On September 7, 2017 the St. Thomas Police Service received information about the conduct of Constable Garry Christiansen which was immediately forwarded to the Special Investigations Unit. PC Christiansen, who had been with the St. Thomas Police Service since January 3, 1990, was placed on suspension.
As a result of the SIU investigation, PC Christiansen was charged with a number of serious sexual related offences. PC Christiansen remained on suspension until he resigned his position on June 10, 2019. Our cooperation with the Special Investigations Unit clearly demonstrates every person, regardless of their employment, will be held accountable for their actions.
On June 11, 2019, Constable Christiansen plead guilty to one count of Sexual Interference.   The matter was adjourned until September 18, 2019 for further submissions regarding sentencing.  
I want to assure the community, especially the victim in this matter, that this is not a reflection of our women and men who work so hard every day to uphold the law and keep our communities safe
Chris Herridge
Chief of Police
St. Thomas Police Service

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