MOST Team: Six Weeks In


MOST Team: Six Weeks In

The Mobile Outreach Support Team officially became a trio of support on May 19th after COVID related setbacks delayed the launch by a few weeks.

Thanks to this collaborative effort, The St. Thomas Police Service and The Canadian Mental Health Association have been brought together to work side by side supporting people in crisis.

The team operates five days a week, overlapping shifts to allow services and support to front line officers Monday to Friday 8 am to 11 pm.

Now an officer along with a mental health crisis support worker are able to make an immediate, onsite, educated assessment of a person in crisis and offer services and supports accordingly.

So far MOST has been able to stabilize and de-fuse individuals in crisis, assist in removing a person in crisis from serious harm to themselves or others, provide supportive counselling, arrange appropriate referrals and coordinate follow up.

The team travel in a plain, unmarked vehicle to avoid escalation and the officer does not wear a traditional uniform to not further trigger a person in crisis.

In six weeks today, the MOST team has responded to 125 calls for assistance and have completed follow up support for an additional 65 incidents that occurred when the team is not available.

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