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The St. Thomas Police Service is accepting applications for the position of Police Cadet. The cadet program serves as an entry-level position for Police Constable with our Police Service. The position is designed to develop these civilian members for future positions as sworn police officers. The job description includes the following duties but is not limited to summons and subpoena service, fingerprinting, relief dispatch and communication duties, witnessing statements for criminal investigations and contacting victims of crime for follow up information.

A cadet is hired as a full time member of the Police Service and is recognized and eligible for the benefits and remuneration as described in the Uniform Collective agreement. When a vacancy is available in the uniform division, a cadet is selected to attend the Ontario Police College to complete the Basic Constable Training program. Upon successful completion of this training, the cadet returns to our Service to be sworn in as a Police Constable.

Applicants must have a minimum of four (4) years of secondary school education or its equivalent recognized by the Ministry of Education for the Province of Ontario. Applicants must meet the requirements as outlined in the Police Services Act for a Police Constable and provide proof of a valid Standard First Aid and C.P.R. certificate as well as a valid Ontario Driver’s license with a good driving record permitting you to drive in Ontario with full driving privileges.

The OACP has redesigned the Constable Selection System and has entered into an agreement with TNT to provide standardized testing replacing Applicant Testing Services (ATS) as the provider. For this selection process, the St. Thomas Police Service is transitioning to the new OACP Constable Selection System where applicants will be screened under this new testing system and will require an OACP certificate. For candidates with current OACP certificate of results from ATS please click here for further information. We will accept valid OACP certificates of results from the last three months.

A cover letter and resume including your valid O.A.C.P. Certificate of Results or the new OACP Certificate through TNT must be received by the St. Thomas Police Service by Friday, April 16, 2021 by 4:00 p.m. either by email to tterpstra@stps.on.ca (an email reply acknowledging receipt will be sent) or by mail delivery to:

St. Thomas Police Service
Constable Colin McGregor Building
45 CASO Crossing
St. Thomas, Ontario N5R 0G7

Any previous applicants must re-apply by submitting an updated resume and current or equivalent Certificate of Results for consideration in this selection process.

Ad for Police Cadet- St.Thomas Police Service -March 2021


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