(L-R Cst. Calvert, Cst. Gillies, S/Sgt Kowalczyk, Cst. Sandham)

Our Community Engagement Unit consists of three Constables and one Staff Sergeant, each with a specific role.

Constable Gillies,  Community Safety Officer

His primary role is to engage youth in meaningful dialogue and mentorship in grade schools from J.K. to Gr. 8. His topics include bullying, drug awareness, and use of 911, internet safety, sexting, bicycle and pedestrian safety. The Community Safety officer also provides support to the front line officers by promoting education and awareness. This officer provides public education services to the public through a variety of programs and initiatives to enhance and improve the level of communication and interaction with the youth of St.Thomas. This officer is the primary link to the seventeen (17) elementary schools in St. Thomas. Age and grade appropriate safety and awareness programs are conducted throughout each school year.

Constable Calvert is the Community Resource Officer/Media Relations

Her primary role is to build positive relationships between Police and youth. She spends most of his time in the local High Schools. Her topics include Impaired Driving, drugs, Policing as a career and social media. The Community Resource officer focuses on two distinct areas – High Schools and Beat Patrol. This officer works closely with the uniform branch, in particular the Adopt-A-School officers and the drug enforcement unit. In the high schools, the mandate is to enhance communication between school officials, students, parents, and the police; This officer also maintains regular foot and bicycle patrols in the downtown core and in other areas where such a presence is required, enhancing dialogue with merchants and the general public.

Constable Sandham is the Traffic/Crime Prevention Officer

He patrols the City of St. Thomas to address traffic concerns and optimize traffic safety in the City of St. Thomas. He ensures motorist and pedestrian safety through enforcement and educational awareness of traffic laws. On a daily basis he will address Traffic Projects, school zones, and other high incident areas and intersections.

The St. Thomas Police Service advocates proactive policing and actively promotes the concepts of community involvement in crime prevention. By maintaining effective, open lines of communication between the Police Service and our citizens, we are able to better inform the public about timely issues of concern in our community. Communication also promotes community involvement in crime prevention programs and expands our educational initiatives. His topics include Robbery Prevention, Frauds and Scams, Elder Abuse, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

The mandate of the Traffic/Crime Prevention officer, is to provide support to the front line officers through the promotion and expansion of traffic and crime prevention initiatives. Through daily contact with the local media, the Traffic/Crime Prevention officer provides information to the public about current police activities, road safety, criminal trends, proactive crime prevention techniques and our community policing initiatives.

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