Body Cam Pilot Project Update

Officers from the St. Thomas Police Service have completed the first week of a Body Worn Camera Pilot Project sponsored by AXON.  The police service will continue to gather information for the entire 120 day pilot however preliminary data collected is very positive.  So far five hundred and twenty five body cam videos have been uploaded to the AXON Secure Server.  Videos range from being seconds in length to several hours depending on the nature of the interaction.  Sixty three still images have been uploaded for the purpose of collecting evidence and eleven audio statements have been recorded.

The AXON software that accompanies the body cams is very user friendly and has allowed Officers to catalogue videos and still images for evidence quickly and efficiently.  Officer feed back to this point indicates that although there is a learning curve adapting to the new technology, overall the system creates efficiencies during a regular shift.  The automatic transcription feature on audio statements has been particularly helpful.

At this point it is anticipated that should the St. Thomas Police Service commit at the conclusion of the pilot, the organization would require thirty body worn cameras.  Fifteen to be deployed while the other half upload and recharge.  Preliminary estimates indicate the cost will be $40,000 per year over a five year contract with AXON totaling $200,00 at the end of 2025.

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