STPS Crest

Digital Forensic Examination


In 2016, The St. Thomas Police Service expanded into the digital world with the help of funding received from a Proceeds of Crime Grant.  The grant provided the money to acquire the training, tools and technology needed to start a Computer Forensics Unit. 

Since that time the Technical Crimes Investigator has conducted extensive forensic examinations

Of all types of digital devices using various techniques and Software applications.

The Technical Crimes Investigator has specific training from the Canadian Police College in Ottawa on gathering internet evidence as well as attending ongoing training and nationwide workshops throughout the year to stay ahead of our fast paced world of technology. 

The Technical Crimes Investigator assists with investigations that deal with computer technology as an element.  Assists with the preparation and execution of search warrants, oversees and conducts electronic search and seizure procedures and extracts, examines and analyzes electronic data for the purpose of developing, enhancing and clarifying evidence.