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The Criminal Investigations Branch is tasked with the responsibility of investigating major criminal incidents including murders and attempted murders, sexual assaults, assaults, child abuse, spousal abuse, sudden deaths and suicides, major thefts, frauds, break and enters and robberies.

Eight full-time plain clothes officers, one Staff Sergeant, one Sergeant and six Constables, investigate incidents that are often more complicated and time-consuming investigations. Officers assigned to this unit receive specialized training in accordance with the adequacy standards including general investigative techniques, advanced interviewing techniques, drug investigation, fraud investigation, sexual assault investigation, homicide investigation and criminal intelligence analysis courses, to name a few.

The Drug/Intelligence unit focuses on street level drug enforcement, prevention and education, the development of intelligence information and the cultivation of informants.

The investigators in our Criminal Investigation Branch compile and exchange information with our patrol officers as well as other agencies to successfully conclude numerous serious criminal investigations.

Crime Stoppers is affiliated with the Criminal Investigations branch.